Stop “conversion therapies” in Asia

Dangerous practices that seek to "cure" LGBT+ people are silently happening all across Asia, leaving survivors with permanent physical and psychological trauma.

Children and teenagers are especially vulnerable to efforts to "correct" their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

That's why we're pushing to include specific protections for LGBT+ people in several countries in Asia.

Together with ILGA Asia, All Out has launched a major campaign calling for a legal ban on so-called “conversion therapies” in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. 

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What are so-called  “conversion therapies?”

“Conversion therapy” is an umbrella term used to describe harmful practices that attempt to modify a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

These practices are deeply harmful interventions that rely on the medically false idea that LGBT+ people are sick. They can inflict severe pain and suffering, and may result in long-lasting psychological and physical damage.

The strategies applied to try to "correct" LGBT+ people can be difficult to document and scrutinize, as they usually happen behind closed doors and confidentiality agreements are required.

But, in general, they all include psychological violence. In some cases, physical violence is also present.

Some of the tactics used as reported by survivors:

  • Emotional blackmail

  • Public embarrassment

  • Forced fasting

  • Forced nudity

  • Physical punishment and penance

  • Internment in clinics or camps

  • Abusive or otherwise questionable methods used within psychotherapy or counseling

  • Long cycles of forced prayer

  • Religious counseling

  • Hypnosis

  • Strenuous and abusive physical labor

  • Exorcism

  • Masturbatory reconditioning

  • Hormone intake without consent

  • Forced intake of nausea inducing drugs

  • Use of psychoactive drugs without medical prescription

  • Electroshock

  • “Corrective rape”

“Conversion therapies” have serious and permanent consequences. They include:

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Suicide attempts

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Social isolation

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Feelings of worthlessness

  • Feelings of inadequacy

  • Difficulty trusting people and institutions

  • Self-loathing

  • Self-harm

  • Anxiety

  • Loss of self-esteem

  • Sexual dysfunction

Testimonials from survivors

These brave activists and survivors of so-called “conversion therapies” have come forward to talk about their experiences and to fight for a complete ban on these practices in Asia.

By elevating their voices, we are raising awareness on the horrific reality of “conversion therapies” in Asia. Listen to their stories of survival and resilience.

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Tashi from India

When he was 22, Tashi’s parents forced him to see a “healer” that was supposed to “cure” him.

Tarin Tani from Bangladesh

When Tarin Tani was a student, she came out to her family as a trans woman. This is when the torture started. “I would have never believed my parents could be so cruel,” she says.

Sudipta Das from India

Sudipta was under 18 years old, when their agency was taken away after they were outed and put in "conversion therapy". “I had to learned how to survive without the love of the people who are supposed to sort of love you and care for you,” they said.

Dimithri Wijesinghe from Sri Lanka

Dimithri is a human rights lawyer, fighting for justice for victims of “conversion therapies” and a ban on these practices in Sri Lanka.

Arisdo Gonzalez from Indonesia

Arisdo Gonzales is a survivor of "conversion therapy" in Indonesia. Today, he works with a youth organization that helps young LGBT+ people like him.

The fight against “conversion therapies” is global

All Out, together with our local partners, continues to fight for a comprehensive ban of so-called “conversion therapies” worldwide. Some of these campaigns have already been successful.



Join 29,000 people from around the world who have already signed our petition to urge the Colombian government to approve the “Inconvertibles” law and ban “conversion therapies” in Colombia!


"Conversion therapies" can amount to torture. That’s why we're pushing to include specific protections for LGBT+ people in the Brazilian anti-torture law.


A Russian LGBT+ group is calling for a ban on “conversion therapies.”


Pedro, an All out member is fighting for a ban of “conversion therapies” in Portugal.


An All Out member is calling on the EU to push member states for a complete ban on so-called “conversion therapies.”


The organization Possibile LGBTI+ is fighting for a law against “conversion therapies” in Italy.


In 2018, the UK Government pledged to stamp out "gay cures." But since then nothing has happened.


Artem, an All Out member has started a petition to protect LGBT+ people in the Netherlands from "conversion therapy."


Xiao Zhen and All Out demanded the World Health Organization to condemn gay "cures.” Over 100,000 people signed. He won his case against a “clinic” in China and was invited to a special meeting with the WHO. But gay "cure" clinics are still popping up in China.



Thanks to the support of more than 70,000 people from around the world, we were able to introduce a bill to the Colombian Congress to start taking action to stop efforts to "change" sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity (ECOSIEG).


In 2021, the Fédération LGBT in France started a petition and more than 12,000 All Out members signed. On January 25, 2022, the law banning "conversion therapies" was passed.


Germany passed a partial ban on conversion therapies in 2020, after All Out, along with German LGBT+ rights groups, launched a petition.

Fuel the Fight to End “Conversion Therapies”

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