Exporting Hate: Exposing Global Anti-LGBT+ Funding

far-right groups from the U.S. and other countries have poured at least

into global anti-women and anti-LGBT+ efforts in the last decade.

Under the guise of protecting “traditional family values”, a vast web of anti-LGBT+ bigots are funneling dark money around the world and acting with impunity as they devastate LGBT+ lives and communities.

These dirty and potentially illegal flows of money and anti-rights ideologies are destroying lives and rolling back years of progress, while the terrifying level of collaboration underscores the need for vigilant resistance against such coalitions of intolerance.

Together, we will expose these agendas and the networks behind them.

In doing so, we will shine a light on their covert operations and fight back against their damaging impact.

LGBT+ lives depend on it.

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Deep Financial Connections

In 2010, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and its African branches were reported to have pushed for constitutions in Zimbabwe and Kenya to outlaw homosexuality, reflecting a broader agenda to impose conservative Christian values on African politics.


Taxpayer Funded Hate

In 2018, about


of UK taxpayers' money went to the Christian Council of Ghana - which has allegedly organized a camp to "treat" and "cure" hundreds of gay people in Ghana.


Secret WhatsApp Groups

In 2023, Sharon Slater, president of Family Watch International (FWI), worked alongside anti-LGBT+ politicians in Uganda. She was allegedly part of a private WhatsApp group supporting government efforts to help pass the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.

So, how can we fight back?

In the face of vast financial resources wielded by anti-LGBT+ groups, All Out brings a different kind of strength: the people power of individuals like you. Our fight for love and equality isn't funded by billionaires; it's fueled by the passion, voices, and donations of people from all corners of the globe.

Help win this fight by taking action now:

Tell the UK: No More Foreign Aid for Anti-LGBT+ Groups

Fellowship Foundation: Stop Exporting Hate!

Legal Consequences

As a result of these groups exporting hate, anti-LGBT+ bills are popping up all over Africa.

From Uganda’s draconian “Anti-Homosexuality Act”, which passed in 2023, and now subjects LGBT+ people to possible life imprisonment and even the death penalty, to similar pending bills in Kenya and Ghana. This is a direct consequence of a well-coordinated, generously financed international campaign against LGBT+ rights​​.

Surging Violence

These funds also fuel cultural campaigns aimed at demonizing LGBT+ people, erasing their identities, and fostering societal rejection and violence.

Following Uganda’s passage of the “Anti-Homosexuality Act”, reports of evictions, limited access to medical care (including HIV medications), mob violence, and brutal murders of queer Ugandans have skyrocketed.

Erasing Progress

Financial backing strengthens local anti-LGBT+ groups, providing them with resources to expand their reach and influence.

As local activists on the ground and groups like All Out work to combat this wave of anti-LGBT+ sentiment, our already limited resources are being used to fight these bills instead of making sure that our queer brothers and sisters are not only surviving but thriving.

All Out is able to run and win campaigns like these thanks to the steadfast support of our most dedicated members: Equality Champions. Through a small, monthly donation, they give us the support we need to jump into action and fight tirelessly for the safety and dignity of LGBT+ people around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Exporting Hate" campaign?

All Out’s campaign is focused on exposing and countering the funding and influence of groups from the Global North, particularly the United States, that are exporting anti-LGBT+ ideologies. Our goal is to shine a light on these groups' agendas, reveal their financial networks, and demonstrate their harmful impact on LGBT+ communities, especially in Africa.

Why focus on Africa?

Africa is currently witnessing some of the most severe anti-LGBT+ legislation, fueled in part by ideologies imported from abroad. The urgency of the situation in Africa, combined with our network of local partners there, makes it a primary focus for our campaign to protect and support LGBT+ rights.

Who are the main targets of this campaign?

The campaign targets influential, well-funded groups and individuals from the Global North who are actively working to undermine LGBT+ rights through financial influence and propaganda. These include certain evangelical groups, political lobbyists, and other organizations that disguise their hate-driven agendas as support for "family values."

How do you plan to actually expose these groups?

We aim to expose these groups through comprehensive data gathering, research, and raising awareness. This involves collaborating with established research partners to investigate and reveal the networks, financial circuits, and narratives fueling these hate groups. Our findings will be shared with the public as we uncover more information.

How is the campaign funded?

All Out is a people-powered organization and the success of this campaign is supported by donations from people just like you, along with grants from foundations that share our commitment to human rights and LGBT+ equality.

What can I do to help?

You can help by staying informed, sharing our content, participating in petitions and protests, and donating to support our efforts. Additionally, amplifying the voices of affected communities and engaging in conversations about the harmful impacts of these anti-LGBT+ agendas are powerful ways to contribute.