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All Out has plans this year to train up to 85 LGBT+ activists from throughout Africa and Latin America in online mobilization and campaigning, but we need your help!

Your gift makes it possible to provide these important trainings at no cost to participants.

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Why do these trainings?

All Out campaigners are top-notch organizers. We mobilize people to make a real difference in some of the most important fights for LGBT+ rights around the world. But we don’t want to keep this knowledge and experience all to ourselves!

We want to share the lessons we’ve learned, the skills we’ve honed, and the inspiring tactics and tools it takes to win with LGBT+ activists around the world. Those activists can then take what they’ve learned back home to further empower their local fights for LGBT+ rights.

Who gets to attend?

Whether it’s in Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, or South Africa, we work with local LGBT+ groups and communities to get the word out about the training.

From there, LGBT+ activists can apply to attend - at no cost to them. We try to pick a diverse group of folks to attend - from rural and urban areas, across various identities and experience levels, who each bring something unique to the group to share.

What’s covered during the training?

A WHOLE lot! Trainings usually take place over 4-6 days, sometimes in person and sometimes online. We cover core building blocks to running (and winning!) digital campaigns for LGBT+ rights.

That includes things like writing compelling emails, making inspiring social media videos, working with the media, setting up petitions, fundraising, and even overlooked elements of being an activist, like mental health.

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