Protect LGBT+ Russians from Putin’s persecution

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LGBT+ people in Russia are suffering under Putin’s regime.

Last year, a devastating new anti-LGBT+ “propaganda law” was passed, criminalizing the mere mention of LGBT+ lives.

And just recently, legal and medical care for transgender people was outright banned.

Our partners at Coming Out, a Russian LGBT+ rights organization, can provide direct support to those impacted by these horrible laws. But they need your help to do it.

Donate today to provide direct support to LGBT+ Russians facing threats to their basic human rights.

All Out + Coming Out
How does your donation support LGBT+ people in Russia?

For 14 years, Coming Out has been a leader for LGBT+ rights in Russia and has no plans to stop. With your donation today, they will be able to:

Defend LGBT+ Russians in a court of law, striving to reduce the conviction rate under the "propaganda law.”

Conduct consultations and webinars to explain Russian laws to LGBT+ people so they know their rights.

Provide free psychological support for LGBT+ people who may be facing a crisis or recovering from trauma.

Assist with emigration for those who have the opportunity to leave the country for somewhere safer.

Share this campaign awith as many people as you can!

This is a crowdfunding campaign, which means we need a lot of people to donate. Together, those collective donations will fund Coming Out’s critical work.

More ways to help!

In July, the Russian State Duma passed an extremely transphobic law that bans legal and medical transitions, denying the right of self-determination to trans people from Russia.

This ban makes it almost impossible for trans people to live safely and healthily in Russia.

To fight back, Coming Out and Center-T started a petition on Megaphone, All Out's platform, asking European Union commissioners to guarantee asylum for trans Russians.