Pride Uganda 2022

Pride Uganda turns 10 in 2022 – and it's still very much a protest! This is your invitation to help make the anniversary a success.

Pride marches originally started as a protest, in New York City, USA, over 50 years ago. Nowadays, in a lot of places, Pride has become more of a happy celebration. But carefree celebrations of Pride are a privilege. 

In Uganda, where being gay is still a crime, Pride is a celebration, but it is still most definitely a protest. 

It's a day when everyone gets to be visible. Visible to the people who might not be aware that there are LGBT+ communities in Uganda. And visible to other LGBT+ people who are looking for solidarity.

That's why, even with all the obstacles and hardships, Pride Uganda always kept going. 

Come join the 10th anniversary celebration! Donate today to support Pride Uganda.

Why is Pride Uganda so important?

"If Pride didn't exist, my life would be very different.

Pride has made my life better because in terms of organizing for the community I have learned a lot – coordination, security, preparations. I met so many different people, such interesting people. 

Our ten year anniversary is a huge milestone because this journey has not been easy. When I first attended Pride in 2012, the event was raided. In 2013, we came back stronger. Over the years, we have experienced obstructions and hardships but that did not stop us. And now we have the chance to celebrate ten years of Pride!"


"Pride is a chance to celebrate our existence and our community in a country where we're persecuted for being LGBT+.

It is a chance for us to pressure for change. And it also gives us a space to talk about the things that impact us as LGBT+ Ugandans.

This year, we want to take Pride all over the country, celebrate it everywhere! We expect to see people coming to celebrate for the first time, people coming back after years of challenges, and to have everyone protesting by celebrating, dancing, advocating for our rights and being happy.”

How has the All Out community been there in the past decade?

In 2016, Ugandan LGBT+ activists were struggling to raise the funds they needed to host Pride celebrations. In partnership with them, All Out ran a crowdfunding campaign. Over 2,500 All Out members chipped in and enough funds were raised for the week-long event.

On the third night of the 2016 pride celebrations, Ugandan police violently raided the event. People were beaten, sexually assaulted, and humiliated. Once again, All Out members chipped in to raise funds for the immediate medical and safety costs the community was facing.

In 2019, for the third time in a row, All Out ran a crowdfunding campaign to help make Pride Uganda happen. Through the funds raised by All Out members, we were able to fully fund the event and it was a huge success!

How will your donation support the 10th edition of Pride in Uganda?


There will be a lot of different events all across the country, including the first-ever sports event, a beautiful gala, and more!


Because these events will happen in many different parts of Uganda, Pride organizers will support the folks who need to travel to attend.

Community Award

Local LGBT+ organizations in Uganda work year-round to advance rights in the country. An award (with a cash prize!) will recognize some of the highlights of this work.


Uganda is one of the almost 70 countries where being gay is a crime. So, organizing Pride is not a simple task. It involves extensive plans and a robust security strategy.


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