In the wake of Russia's decision to label the "international public LGBT+ movement" as extremist, the situation for LGBT+ people within the country has reached a critical point. Facing increased danger, it's become too dangerous for many to remain in Russia.

This is our moment to show solidarity and make a difference.

On Saturday, March 16, during the Russian presidential elections, All Out members around the world will protest against the criminalization of the LGBT+ community in Russia.

We're counting on you to be part of this powerful movement by organizing your own protest or participating in an event.


From São Paulo to London, New York to Bangalore, during the Russian presidential elections in March 2024, All Out members stood united in front of Russian embassies and city centers. Their voices echoed through the streets in solidarity with queer Russians and showed the world the unbreakable spirit of the global LGBT+ community.

Looking for more ways to support the Russian LGBT+ community?

Support queer Russians by signing the Sphere Foundation's petition demanding safe passage for those in danger.

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To Ministries of Foreign Affairs of EU member states; UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk; EU commissioners: Ursula von der Leyen, Helena Dalli, Jutta Urpilainen; European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, Janez Lenarčič:

Due to the recent drastic backslide of the LGBT+ rights situation in Russia, the Ministry of Justice’s motion should be seen as a further step in the same direction towards pushing LGBT+ people to remain silent and stop all the attempts to defend their rights. By targeting the LGBT+ rights initiatives, the Russia authorities are targeting the entire community and their needs in legal, psychological and other forms of  support in order to be able to have decent lives. This means that the Russian Federation is a country with an exceptionally high risk for any LGBT+ person, especially for those who keep working with the topic on the ground.

Over the recent years the Russian Federation has repeatedly demonstrated its escalating disregard for international condamnations when it comes to human rights issues. In this context we do not see such measures as effective in order to protect the lives and safety of Russian multinational LGBT+ community members.

Therefore, we urge states that are signatories of international human rights conventions, both in Europe and worldwide, to ensure a wider possibility for Russian LGBT+ people and LGBT+ rights defenders to obtain visas or other travel documents. A possibility to leave the country will become a lifeline for those denied basic human rights, and a powerful instrument for those who keep on the fight against discrimination and are remaining in Russia in a very high-risk environment.


Please consider donating to help Crisis Group NC SOS continue their crucial efforts in evacuating queer Russians in need.