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With Mexico's next elections on the horizon and a new president about to step in, it's time to demand that the new government protect ALL families in Mexico.

LGBT+ activists have long battled for recognition and against discrimination. The introduction of marriage equality was a historic victory.

But, the fight isn't over. LGBT+ families still hit roadblocks that deny them full acknowledgment.

Now, with marriage equality in our pocket, we push forward. Our goal: clear the way for every LGBT+ person wishing to start a family.

We're calling on you to stand with us. Let's press the presidential candidates to stand up for rainbow families. It's time for them to commit to this cause for their term in office.

What are we asking for?

We're calling on Mexico's presidential candidates to:

Revise family registration:

Amend Civil Codes to use inclusive terms, ensuring all family forms, including LGBT+ families, are recognized equally.

Standardize adoption process:

Implement uniform adoption procedures across Mexico, eliminating discriminatory practices and ensuring equality for same-sex couples.

Legal rights for LGBT+ Youth:

Ensure the recognition of the gender identity of trans youth and non-binary people.

What are rainbow families?

A family is a unit where adults care for children with love. The term ‘rainbow family’ refers to a family with parents of the same sex bringing up a child, or an LGBT+ parented family.

In Mexico, families parented by LGBT+ people are not equally recognized. They still have significant challenges that keep them from enjoying the actual family experience.

By supporting this campaign, you can help change that.

Meet rainbow families from Mexico

What do the candidates say about rainbow families in Mexico?

So far, little or nothing.

Claudia Sheinbaum, Xóchitl Gálvez, and Jorge Álvarez have shown general support for LGBT+ communities. But they have not committed to specific issues, like recognizing rainbow families' rights.

With your help we can convince them to take a stand for LGBT+ families.

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You want to do more for LGBT+ rights?

While this campaign focuses on the rights of rainbow families in Mexico, there are numerous other challenges faced by LGBT+ communities in Mexico and other countries.

If you want to ask the next Mexican government to focus on other LGBT+ rights issues, or if you’d like to support LGBT+ communities in any other country around the world, start your own petition by clicking here.

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