#SayYes: Make marriage equality the law in Brazil

In 2011, the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married. But because marriage equality in Brazil is based on the Supreme Court decision and it’s not enshrined in our law, our rights are at risk!

Lawmakers are currently discussing a bill that would make marriage equality officially the law of the land in Brazil. But at the same time, the far-right is attacking our rights and has managed to approve a motion that says NO to marriage equality.

We need to turn things around – and the time is now!

The bill is taking its next step into the Human Rights Commission, this time with the support of Deputy Erika Hilton, one of the biggest LGBT+ leaders in Brazil! It’s time to raise our voices and demand that Congress SAYS YES to marriage equality in Brazil and votes in favor of LGBT+ couples and families.

Let’s ensure, once and for all, that marriage equality becomes LAW in Brazil!
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What’s at stake

In the National Congress, Deputy Clodovil Hernandes proposed bill No. 580/2007 to allow same-sex couples to form unions through a civil contract.


In the following years, other bills were appended, some against and others in favor of marriage equality:

Two bills discriminate against same-sex families and aim to prevent LGBT+ couples from being recognized as family entities, marrying, or having civil unions.

Two bills enshrine marriage equality in law and recognize the legal-family status of same-sex unions.


In a far-right maneuver, the Family Commission in the National Congress rejected the proposal favorable to marriage equality, and approved a substitute text to end same-sex marriage in Brazil.


The marriage equality bill reaches the Human Rights Commission, with Deputy Erika Hilton as the rapporteur.

The deputy's vote is clear: in favor of marriage equality and including the recognition of LGBT+ couples as family entities.

Today: YOU can take action to pressure the Human Rights Commission to say YES to marriage equality and recognize, once and for all, civil marriage and civil unions between same-sex couples in Brazil.

Wait, but doesn’t Brazil already have marriage equality?

Yes! In 2011, the Supreme Federal Court equated same-sex relationships with “stable unions” between opposite-sex couples. Then, in 2013, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) required notary offices across Brazil to perform same-sex marriages.

So, why do we need to act now?

Marriage equality is only possible thanks to the judiciary. In other words, to this day, there is no law that reaffirms this decision and guarantees marriage equality. And this leaves room for attacks that continue to threaten the rights of LGBT+ people.

What happens next?

After the Human Rights Commission, the bill goes to the Constitution and Justice Commission, and if deemed constitutional, it proceeds to a vote in the plenary of the Brazilian Congress. Today, we are taking the first step to make marriage equality law!

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