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Equality Champions are people from around the world who make a monthly donation to support All Out.

This support powers our campaigns and allows us to jump into action whenever there's a major attack on LGBT+ people, from Ukraine to Uganda and Brazil to Japan.

By becoming a monthly donor, you can ensure that we’ll continue making a real difference for LGBT+ people around the world. 

Our work would be impossible without people like you!

The monthly support from Equality Champions gets channeled into the most urgent fight for LGBT+ rights we're facing that month. Here’s just a few of our recent victories:

• When Russia invaded Ukraine, many LGBT+ organizations immediately became humanitarian aid groups: staging evacuations, opening shelters, organizing food drives, and delivering medical supplies.

Donations from thousands of All Out members helped provide emergency support for LGBT+ Ukrainians fleeing the invasion.

Thanks to support from Equality Champions, we were able to help Ukrainian LGBT+ groups provide shelter, electrical generators, food, medicine, hygiene kits, employment support, language trainings, psychological support, and so much more.

• We successfully demanded that the Governor of Arizona veto a series of anti-LGBT+ bills that would have seen drag performers threatened with prison time!

• We pressured the Bulgarian National Assembly to finally include hate crimes based on sexual orientation to the country’s criminal code.

• We lobbied for the release of Maya, a trans woman from Tunisia, who was initially sentenced to three years in a men’s prison for the “crime” of being “gay.”

• We made significant strides in securing legal protections for LGBT+ people in Japan, in the wake of the 2021 Olympics.

Here’s some more reasons to become an Equality Champion with All Out:

We're making a real difference for LGBT+ lives around the world.

By donating every month, Equality Champions fund a lot of the work that goes into those campaign victories. Learn more about some of our favorite victories here.

We take your donations seriously and value every single penny.

We know that making a donation is an act of hope and trust. That's why we aim to be transparent about our financial information. You can learn more about how we manage our financials here.

You can cancel or modify your monthly donation at any point.

Just send a request at any time through our Contact Us page!

Through a small, monthly donation, you can give the support we need to jump into action and fight tirelessly for the safety and dignity of LGBT+ people around the world.

Become an Equality Champion and fuel the fight for LGBT+ rights with a monthly gift today.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization and donations made on this page are NOT tax-deductible. If we are unable to use your contribution for the purpose originally specified, it is our policy to use your contribution to support other All Out campaigns and operational costs that are vital to support our work.