Equality Champions are at the core of everything that All Out does.

All Out's Equality Champions are people from around the world – people just like you – who make a monthly donation to power our campaigns. Whenever there's a major attack on LGBT+ people, this support is what allows us to jump into action instantly.

Our work would be impossible without them.

There are many reasons to become an Equality Champion with All Out! Here's just a few:

We're making a real difference for LGBT+ lives around the world.

And Equality Champions help fund a lot of the work that goes into those campaign victories. Learn more about some of our favorite victories here.

We take your donations seriously and value every single penny.

We know that making a donation is an act of hope and trust. That's why we aim to be transparent about our financial information. You can learn more about how we manage our financials here.

You'd be supporting the work of an awesome team!

Everyone on the global All Out team is here because they're deeply committed, outstanding campaigners and advocates for LGBT+ rights. We come from many different backgrounds, but share a passion to work together to achieve real victories around the world.

Check out our team page here!

The monthly support from Equality Champions gets channeled into the most urgent fight for LGBT+ rights we're facing that month. Here's just one example of how that has worked in the past:

In April of 2017, a terrifying message came from partners in Russia: gay men were being kidnapped and killed in Chechnya. More than 100 men had been arrested under suspicion of being gay. They were being held in an illegal prison and tortured. At least three men had been murdered.

All Out was one of the first groups to mobilize with partners on the ground in Russia. There's simply no way we could have jumped into action so quickly without the steadfast support of our most dedicated members: Equality Champions.

With their support, we were able to help collect over 2 million signatures demanding justice for the Chechen men who were captured and tortured.

When attempting to deliver the signatures, our activists were detained by police in Moscow. But we were determined to keep fighting.

We were able to act fast and rally All Out members to speak out for the release of our activists. Once they were out, we didn't stop there.

All Out members collectively funded our partner's emergency evacuation costs for those at risk in Chechnya. Dozens of people whose lives were at risk were relocated to safety.

And when the arrests and torture started back up again in late 2018, All Out members once again responded with profound generosity, funding another emergency evacuation of anyone in urgent danger.

This type of work boosts the unbelievable strength and defiance of LGBT+ activists who risk so much in their fight for justice in Chechnya and Russia. But none of it would have been possible without the ongoing support of Equality Champions.

You can cancel or modify your monthly donation at any point.

Just send a request at any time through our Contact Us page!

Through a small, monthly donation, you can give the support we need to jump into action and fight tirelessly for the safety and dignity of LGBT+ people around the world.

Become an Equality Champion and fuel the fight for LGBT+ rights with a monthly gift today.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization and donations made on this page are NOT tax-deductible. If we are unable to use your contribution for the purpose originally specified, it is our policy to use your contribution to support other All Out campaigns and operational costs that are vital to support our work.