Solidarity With Burundi’s LGBT+ Community

In 2009 same-sex relations were officially declared a crime punishable by prison in Burundi. This changed the lives of the Burundian LGBT+ community forever. 

Since then, many government officials have publicly expressed their hatred towards the LGBT+ community, which has exacerbated the discrimination, violence and stigmatization that LGBT+ people face. 

This coupled with a largely homophobic society has led LGBT+ Burundians to live in constant fear. 

Watch the stories of three LGBT+ Burundians as they paint a picture of what it’s like to live as an LGBT+ person in their country.

Are you ready to help?

In this constantly hard situation, we wish to take this opportunity to send to the Burundian rainbow community messages of love and solidarity.

Sign below, to send a message of love to the Burundian LGBT+ community.

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The Burundian LGBT+ community, 

We love you, we care about you and we wanted to let you know that you have all our support. 

The global rainbow community and their allies are with you and we are sending this message as our expression of love and solidarity. This battle is all ours and we shall keep pushing, no matter what.