The winners of the All Out and MTV Photo Award 2021 are here!

Our international jury of renowned photographers viewed over 1,800 photos by more than 380 photographers from over 60 countries. They were impressed by the diversity of photos submitted: photos  from around the world that capture both the beauty, resilience and vibrancy, but also the pain, resistance and isolation of so many different LGBT+ communities.

Choosing the winners in each of the three categories was no easy feat. Based on the criteria -  expression of the theme, inspirational power, originality, and composition - the jury chose the following winners and runners-up.

Category: Resisting

Title: Kurdish trans women

Winner: Cansu Yıldıran, Turkey

"Rukan and Hejar, two Kurdish and LGBT+ activists kiss at a Women's Day protest in Kadıköy on March 6, 2021.

After the protest they were violently arrested and put under custody for 24 hours. A trial resulted in house arrests and a ban on leaving the country. This shows how the Turkish government imposes strict discrimination against trans women and LGBT+ people."

Category: Resisting

Runner Up: Younes Mohammad, Iraq

Title: Adam

“Adam, 32 years old, far away from his home. No one would give him a job because he's LGBT+. Someone tried to kill him by stabbing him with a knife in his stomach, and he doesn't feel safe yet.”

Runner Up: Erica Voget, Argentina

Title: The real does not fade

“Resistance in the context of confinement. Diversity Pavilion. Buenos Aires, Argentina.”

Category Healing

Title: Bonita & Midori

Winner: Hao Nguyen, Canada

“I photographed Bonita and Midori for a queer Asian collective called, "New Ho Queen." The theme was snow pea, but I didn't know how to wrap my head around it. I was also coping with heartbreak and other traumas, so the original idea shifted into healing through others.”

Category Healing

Runner Up: Gøneja, Italy (based in Germany)

Title: Lea Rose

“Lea Rose's water ritual.”

Runner Up: Georgia Niara, Brazil

Title: Aquilo que importa (That which matters)

“Ingrid Martins and Gabriellê.”

Category Supporting

Title: Fearless

Winner: Inésio Samuel, Mozambique

The photo was taken as part of a marketing campaign for the "Fearless" collection of the Mozambican fashion brand Taibo Bacar.

"For those who walk through doors that were deemed closed. Those who swim against the tide. For those who dare to be different and do the opposite. For those who fear but aren’t fear-influenced. For those that are truly fearless."

CATEGORY Supporting

Runner Up: Emilia Martin in collaboration with Magdalena Ignaczak and Daria Jonc, Poland (based in the Netherlands)

Title: Magda and Daria

“I met Magda in a hip hop class, when we were still kids. A space so extravagant and unusual for girls growing up in the Eastern European culture of early post-communism, patriarchy, catholicism and practicality. Magda grew up in a small mining town dominated by male culture, right wing politics and patriarchy, where men worked in mines, or as policemen, and women looked after houses.

A landscape shaped by overwhelming economical struggles and violence. In our early teenage years she shaved half of her head, dyed the other half and told me her dream: "One day, I'll be dancing for Justin Bieber videos and tours". Magda and Daria met on Instagram, and very soon, fell in love. The lack of compromise in the way they chose to live their lives has always been to me an act of great bravery.”

Runner Up: Mike Kear, United Kingdom

Title: Untitled

“Around the campfire at Queer Spirit Festival - a celebration of the love, passion and creative spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. Queer Spirit is the synergy formed by bringing together many views, experiences, beliefs, philosophies and ways of being that have queerness and spirituality at their core. It is a cauldron of queer vitality connecting the worlds, exploring energy, nature & love.”

About the competition

The All Out and MTV Photo Award was launched on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT). Inspired by the theme of this year's IDAHOBIT, "Together: Resisting, Supporting, Healing!", the competition called on photographers to share unique photos that capture how LGBT+ people and their communities and allies around the world resist attacks and discrimination, support each other in these difficult times, and heal together.

The winning photos were displayed on the ViacomCBS screens in Times Square, New York City during Pride celebrations. They will also be featured at World Pride Copenhagen and at exhibition spaces across the world.

The All Out Photo Award is being presented by MTV and All Out.

About the organizers

All Out (

All Out is a global movement for love and equality. All Out is the world's largest LGBT+ online activism network, that works towards a world in which nobody has to sacrifice their family, freedom, safety or dignity because of who they are or who they love.


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